Summer Coloring Books

No ID or info is required to download the coloring book.

Encinitas Karate announces new, free coloring books to the public for the summer! Each month we will provide a new coloring book that you can take with you on trips, to camp and for home craft activities. Please enjoy and share with your friends!

Encinitas Karate is a community leader and we are very pleased to offer this free product to everyone. Coloring books will also be released in July and August for your enjoyment. I really want everyone to have a fantastic summer! Please come and check us out this month if you can. We are giving free martial arts classes in the month of June. We are also giving incredible deals on our 8 weeks of theme based summer camps. Call/text us at 760-635-3699.

Master Santhi Castle, Owner and Master Instructor of Encinitas Karate

Encinitas Karate June 2024 Coloring Book
Encinitas Karate June 2024 Coloring Book

June 2024 Encinitas Karate Coloring Book