Student Reviews

Dear Master Santhi and all the teachers at Encinitas Karate,
“My daughter Sienna started karate at your studio about 5 months ago. This is the first activity I have seen her be truly passionate about. She absolutely loves it. Not only that, but I have seen her confidence level improve dramatically. I have also wondered why her grades at school and her overall disposition have improved so much. I can attribute it to her weekly karate sessions. Her focus and attention in so many different aspects of her life is much better. Karate has made an amazingly positive impact on her. She loves all the instructors and has learned a new level of respect and discipline. We will definitely continue with the program at your school for many years to come.”
Vera Fischer

“My daughter Shannon, has enthusiastically attended Encinitas Karate for over five years and absolutely loves the classes, the camaraderie, and especially the instructors. It’s hard to imagine another program that would have so positively impacted her discipline and self-esteem in such a dramatic manner. Through her consistent training, she understands at her young age, the correlation between commitment and achieving one’s goals. Her ‘warrior spirit’ has focused her enthusiasm and she now feels tremendous confidence when undertaking all sorts of other sports and academic endeavors. This program really does change lives!”
-Ed McGuire

“I took this course and was thoroughly impressed with how knowledgeable the staff was and how empowered they made me feel. They had us out on the mat testing each technique rather than just learning about it. I walked out of there knowing that I had learned techniques to protect myself should anything happen. I would highly recommend this class to every woman to take at least once a year. Best $39 that I have spent in a long time.”
– Karen Prince

“My wife and I were very pleased to discover that the children’s program at Encinitas Karate is much more than an education in self-defense. We now see that self-defense is simply the medium through which students are taught the true lessons of traditional Martial Arts: the importance of self-respect, respect for others and of pursuing one’s personal best in all facets of life. In this way, students are shaped into confident but well-adjusted and compassionate human beings. In less than one year, it’s influence on our five year old’s personal growth and development has been profound. We are extremely happy with the results.”
– Marc and Tracy Geffen.

“I can’t believe this difference in Brandon. His teacher actually noticed it first. His ability to focus and pay attention to her increased so much that she called me wanting to know what was going on? I told her the only difference that I could think of was he began martial arts training at Encinitas Karate. She said to keep up the training because it was making a huge difference. When I saw his report card, I agreed! Thanks Encinitas Karate!”
-Angela Pine

“We wanted to take a few moments and let the staff at Encinitas Karate know just how amazing, professional, and caring they are. Both of our children are enrolled at your studio and we are so impressed with their training. Our 7 year old son Joey was showing a real lack of confidence. After only a few months of training at Encinitas Karate he is more outgoing and his confidence is really growing. Last week he got up in front of his class at school to volunteer for a presentation, he would have never done this before. When we first enrolled at Premier, we were considering another martial arts school because they were a little cheaper, what a mistake that would have been! We are thankful for the instructors at ETSD, they truly are great role-models for our children.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Garcia

“When my son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), our doctor recommend martial arts instruction as a method to increase his focus, concentration, and provide a structured environment that would give him a physical and mental outlet. I was speaking to his teacher at school about this situation and she had heard that another parent had enrolled her child at Encinitas Karate for the same reason. Enrolling my child at Encinitas Karate was the best thing I could have done. Their instruction has made a huge difference in my child, he has been receiving A’s in conduct and even made the last honor roll. I am a single working mom and I can use all the help I can get! I sincerely thank the instructors and owner of Encinitas Karate.”
-Nicole Thompson