Thanksgiving Camp

Hello Everyone!

We are excited that you have chosen to attend our November 21-23 & 25th holiday camp for that starts tomorrow!  Here is some very important info you need to know for the camp AND WHAT TO BRING.

HOT – Contact Information for the full week of camp is at a different number. You will be able to reach the adult camp counselors Master Gilvey and Master Estes via text or call at any time during camp hours at the following number:


We will send you a reminder text from that number this weekend so you can store it easily in your phone.  Encinitas Karate will be closed for the week’s holiday for regular classes and administration while we conduct our camp.  This means that EK email and phone will not be picked up for camp inquiries .  Please make sure you call or text 760-828-7165 after 11 am on Saturday if you need assistance.  Master Gilvey and Master Estes will answer all your camp related inquiries at this number.  Encinitas Karate regular classes and admin will resume on Monday, November 28th.

Parking, Checking-In/Out, Dropping Off, Camp Hours, After Camp Hours

Drop off begins at 9 am at our school front location in Encinitas. For safety reasons, you or a guardian will be required to come into the building in the mornings every day to sign off on the check in sheet.  On Monday, you will have an opportunity to update your emergency contact info, allergies or other info and review our late pick-up policy per your registration agreement. 

Pick up is no later than 3 pmMake sure to come into the building and sign your camper out each day.  Please understand that this policy is for safety reasons and we must have time to clean up and prepare for next day events as well as our camp counselors/instructors teaching at other locations after camp hours. 

Thursday we are closed in observance of Thanksgiving Day but will resume camp on Friday at 9 am.

Before Camp and After Camp Hours. There is no before or after camp coverage available this week.  Drop off is at 9 am and pick up for all campers will be no later than 3 pm daily. 

Supplies, Attire, Food, Drink & Snacks 

Supplies to bring on Monday with your camper.  Campers will be making ornaments and gifts for family, friends and relatives for the holiday season.  Please have your camper think about what they would like to bring to pack as part of their holiday projects.  Some suggestions include 3×5 photos, mementos of the year (tickets to a play, a game, a hair ribbon, a Disney badge, a special shell found at the beach, a special trinket, toy or gem that reminds your camper of the person they are giving the gift to.  We will supply all paint, markers, fabrics, boxes, ribbons, wrappings and more to make some memorable gifts your camper will be proud of.

Please note that in the celebration of the holiday spirit, we will be making some cute ornaments that will have candy canes and chocolates in them (no nuts).  They will be sealed and campers will take them home on Friday.  We will not be serving any of the candy during camp but will allow them to make a family candy ornament that parents can choose when/if they can open it.


Please make sure your camper wears comfortable clothing that can get messy with acrylic paint and sparkles! – no do boks (uniforms).  We recommend long shorts or pants, t-shirt and sweatshirt or pull over.  No shoes or socks are allowed on the mat floor.  No dresses or jewelry please. Recommend a sandal they can slip on and off and be ready for you at 3 pm for fast pick up.


Please pack a labeled, nut free lunch & snacks, and beverages each day. We do have a refrigerator if you have perishable items to store for lunches.  Please, if you are bringing a large lunch cooler or sack – bring an ice pack with it so it will not have to be stored in the refrigerator.  We have limited space and we need to store lots of items for the campers.  Please make sure you pack at least 2-3 snacks with lunch. It is best to bring lunches that do not have to be heated. 

Don’t forget your water bottle!  We will refill it for you as needed.

Please note that we provide lots of flexibility in our camps. Agendas set forth are based on planning ahead but we have been known to switch the agendas around if we see that the campers are having an awesome time at some particular activity.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  We will also have a daily agenda available at the front desk for your perusal.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions by texting 760-828-7165

Our Camp Counselors are looking forward to seeing you all and we can’t wait to start the FUN!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!


Master Gilvey and Master Estes