Spring Into Summer Event

June 3- June 30th

All Martial Arts Classes

Celebrate our Spring Into Summer event with martial arts classes goody bags and more! Student and buddies can come to any class by RSVP below, texting/calling us at 760-635-3699 or just walk through the door – it’s that simple. The voluntary form below will be used to let Encinitas Karate know when you are coming to a class. Furthermore, we will make sure your karate buddy knows when you plan on attending. The RSVP form below also helps us create the best possible avatar, just for you!

Free Avatars

If you are an Encinitas Karate Student or a new buddy visiting us for classes, you are eligible for a free avatar! Just fill out the RSVP form below so we can provide you with the best avatar for you. Once created, we will email you a link so you can download your personalized image. No two are alike! Get creative with our Spring into Summer Event and think about what you would like your avatar to have. Are you riding a giant snail? Do you want lots of flowers in your hair? Do you have a favorite hobby you want to show? Are you a wizard? A pilot? The sky is the limit!

For examples of avatars, click here to see some of the ones we have already created for staff, students and friends.

Free Martial Arts Classes

What a great way to try out our award winning martial arts classes for the summer. Along with your first class, you will get two free weeks of classes to try us out. Call or text us at 760-635-3699 to schedule, let us know on the RSVP form below or just stop by our studio next to Sprouts in Encinitas. Just check in at the front desk with Miss Ry or Master Castle. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Encinitas Student and New Buddy Goody Bags

If you are a new buddy to Encinitas Karate, you will be allowed to take a goody bag from our Spring Into Summer tree at the end of your class. Encinitas Karate students that have referred a new buddy will also be able to pull a prized goody bag from the tree. Each bag has some secret items just for you. Call or text us for your first class at 760-635-3699 or fill out the RSVP form below.

Summer Camps Discounts!

8 weeks of summer camp at a 30% discount! Check your goody bags for the secret code!

Encinitas Karate is known for it’s theme based summer camps. Our summer camps include Legos, Star Wars and Spy themes. To help celebrate our Spring into Summer Event, you will be given an additional discount code to the already discounted web pricing. Your secret code along with descriptions of each camp will be in your goody bag so don’t throw it out!


Spring Into Summer RSVP and Avatar Form

Spring Into Summer RSVP and Avatar Form

June 3 thru June 30th, Celebrate Spring Into Summer with us by attending any one of our martial arts classes listed below. You can also use this form to submit your personalized avatar! Please contact us if you need additional assistance by text or call at 760-635-3699.

Core Info and Classes

If you are a buddy, please fill out this first section. We will make sure your EK Student knows when you are coming in. If you are an EK Student, just provide a phone number and email in this section for Avatar questions and confirmations. Proceed to the Avatar Design section of this form once Core Info and Classes is Completed.
Guardian or EK Student Name
Guardian or EK Student Name
If you are a student, check here
If you are a Buddy, list the Encinitas Karate Student who invited you to class.
If you are a Buddy, list the Encinitas Karate Student who invited you to class.
You can list multiple buddies in this section for attendance. You can also use this section to let us know if there is any additional info you would like us to know about your buddy attending. We will let our EK Student know that you are attending.
I understand that for safety reasons, I will need to check in at the front desk before designated class time.
Please make sure you check in at the front desk upon your arrival. Wear comfortable clothing, no jewelry and shoes will be removed for safety reasons.
Encinitas Karate doesn’t spam. Contact Info is only used to communicate the event info. Please check if you would like us to contact you on:

Avatar Design

If you would like a free avatar, please fill out the information below. Avatars are personalized. The more detail you provide, the better. All EK Students and any new buddies will get 1 free avatar per person. Because it is personalized, you can only enter 1 avatar design at a time on this form. You can come back to this form to submit a request for other avatars for each additional sibling. Parents can also request an avatar of themselves! Please make sure you give us your phone and email in the Core Info and Classes section of this form so that we can contact you if we have questions or notifications on your avatar.
If you do not see your skin tone here, please add to description below.
If you are a student, do you want your uniform and EK logo in the Avatar?
Please take a moment to outline your avatar design with more specifics. Please see examples on Avatar page. Think about what you want the avatar to be doing: a Hobby, Dream, riding a mythical creature, eating a favorite food, attending a karate class indoors or outdoors, side kids, super hero flying through the air, etc. Please remember: there is only 1 design allowed per student or new buddy so take your time to outline what you want.