Teens & Adults

You’re invited to join the Teens and Adults Martial Arts Program at Encinitas Karate. Regardless of your age or martial arts knowledge, you’re invited.

You’ll achieve optimum physical conditioning. It will be fun the whole time, and the result is a total body workout. After learning how to defend yourself and your family, your confidence will soar.

Be the person who knows what to do in stressful circumstances. Our Teens and Adults Martial Arts Program at Encinitas Karate can teach you practical self-defense skills. For example, walking through an unlit parking lot might cause anxiety. It doesn’t have to. If a bully intimidates you, you’ll be prepared.

Every class is enjoyable from beginning to end, starting with warm-up exercises. The exercises here at Encinitas Karate are fast paced and effective. It’s a cardiovascular workout to improve circulation, strengthen the nervous system and replenish oxygen throughout the body. Your muscles will get stronger and exhibit a sleek and powerful tone.

Here at Encinitas Karate we offer specialized training in defensive techniques through our excellent traditional Tang Soo Do program.

Learn how to neutralize a kick or punch that is aimed at you. Understand how to use your hands, elbows, knees and feet for self-defense. Through our Teens and Adults Martial Arts Program at Encinitas Karate, you’ll learn how to stay safe.

Training in martial arts is a way to become physically fit and stronger. Energy lasts longer throughout the day. Your outlook can improve. You’ll go from feeling anxious or stressed to feeling relaxed and confident. Greater concentration can help performance in the work place. Through our Teens and Adults Martial Arts Program at Encinitas Karate, you can feel well, look great and have the ability to defend yourself should the need arise.

Your motives in pursuing a martial art may be to get into top physical shape. Maybe you’re interested in knowing how to successfully defend yourself. You might want more self-discipline. Whatever is your goal, call Encinitas Karate at (760) 635-3699. We have the perfect program for you. We’re offering a trial program so you can find out what martial arts are about.